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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Pizarts Dance Gap Year — Creative Retreat NYC

Pizarts Dance Gap Year

Are you a dance student who wants to spend 8 months exploring the world through dance? Are you a professional dancer/choreographer/educator interested in becoming a DGY Ambassador and mentor students abroad?

Dance Gap Year (DGY), established by Pizarts, is the first international gap year program for dancers. 

We are inviting interested participants/ambassadors to our In-House Creative Retreat on Sunday, July 14th in Manhattan. We have an amazing line-up of NYC/LA-based teachers who are eager to share, as well as an Info Session/Q&A with DGY Founder Dominique Robinson and space to create, connect and build community. 
The day will culminate in co-creating a multi-genre piece which will be filmed.


11-11:30am INTRO — Dominique Robinson, Pizarts DGY founder

Kristen Holleyman — @kholleyman

Kassy Francis — @_kickinitwithkass_


Dorren Moglii Smith — @dorrenmogliinuu

Zoe Rappaport — @zoe.rappaport

Take the elements we learn throughout the day, explore the creative process, collaborate & create a final piece together to be filmed.

FULL DAY (5 Workshops + Info Session/Q&A):
$75 Early Bird, $100 after July 1st

Individual Class: $25 Early Bird, $40 after July 1st

LOCATION: To be revealed 48 hours prior to event.


ABOUT: Pizarts/Dance Gap Year provides opportunities for dancers & choreographers to receive an individualized dance education while traveling the world. Spend 3 months in New York City in the fall, 3 months in Los Angeles in the winter + 2 months Abroad in the summer to experience the breadth of the global dance community. Learn about the concert and commercial dance worlds, gain high-quality dance training along with 1-1 mentorship + entrepreneurial skills to buid a sustainable career. Every DGY participant is paired with a seasoned mentor who works with them throughout the program to offer guidance along their path. Participants leave with an international network of dancers and creatives to support them in the next steps in their dance journey.

PHILOSOPHY: Pizarts strives to help dancers Dig Deep within one's movement practice and Discover More of society through means of art and community engagement.

*Create your own dance curriculum
*Diversify your dance training
*Gain performance experience
*Cross-cultural exchange
*Professional development
*Entrepreneurial skills
*1-1 Mentorship
*Alumni support

a??A gap year is a period of 3 months to 1 year where one spends time discovering one's self, learning new skills, connecting with worldly networks and building a professional portfolio of hands-on experiences. Gap year programs can be taken between high school and college*, post-college or as an alternative to college. 
Applicants ages 18-36 of all dance backgrounds and styles are invited to apply.

*Participants deferring a year from college are eligible to receive federal funding for DGY. 

HISTORY: Dance Gap Year founded by Pizarts, provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our participants. Established in 2014, we have ran programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Jamaica & New York City. DGY brings together creative minds from around the world to learn, create and share with the public. We have a staff of highly experienced and worldly teachers who are eager to pass on their knowledge and expertise with participants. 

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