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Monday, November 23, 2020

Pop-Up Masterclass: Beginner Level Contemporary with Brianna Mercado

Pop-Up Masterclass: Beginner Level Contemporary with Brianna Mercado



Join Choreographer Brianna Mercado on Monday, November 23rd in her VIRTUAL Pop-Up Masterclass: Beginner Level Contemporaryas?i??


Peridance Pop-Up Masterclasses offer a unique, 90 minute experience designed to allow students to dive into online classes taught by various artists in the dance community.


Brianna’s class is an uplifting experience intended to make you move, release, smile, and pay gratitude to your human vessel. In a virtual setting, you can expect a brief warm up that includes strengthening, flexibility, and basic technique, followed by learning choreography. Brianna’s movement style is highly musical and intentional, and offers a fusion of contemporary, jazz, modern, and hip hop techniques.



Born and raised in San Jose, California, Brianna is a proud graduate of the University of California Berkeley, where she studied Dance, Performance Studies, and Social Welfare. She has been a New York based performer, choreographer, and teacher for the last seven years involved in commercial dance, film, and musical theatre while developing her own original work. Her most notable performances include: Phish at Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve 2020, Associate Choreographer of West Side Story at Milwaukee Repertory Theater, The MUNY (Jesus Christ Superstar & Aida), and Featured Dancer in the film “Isn’t It Romantic.” Brianna travels across the US and Mexico as a teacher, choreographer, and inspirational speaker, and has even given her own TEDx talk. She is a member of The Grit and faculty at Peridance Capezio Dance Center. She extends her deepest gratitude to friends and family for their love and support. 


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