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Friday, February 28, 2020

Pre&Postnatal; Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification

Pre&Postnatal; Fitness Training in Miami

Hi Dance NYC Community! 

Most of us need to maintain our CECs, so we'd like to spread the word about a highly valuable and immersive way to do it.  Bonus it gets you out of cold NYC and to sunny Miami this February!  I got certified through Fit For Birth back in 2014 and training in the pre/postnatal fitness niche has been a great subliment to my dance career. 

While the full details of the course are HERE (including FAQs and course curriculum) here is a quick overview of what attendees can expect:

The Past, Present, & Future of Birth Culture
The Three Trends in Modern Childbirth
Program Design #1-4
Intro to Corrective Exercise
Teaching Diaphragmatic Breathing
Movement Assessments
Hands-On Application with Prenatal Volunteers
Postnatal Considerations
Hands on Application with Postnatal Volunteers

Hope you see you in Miami!

Joanie- Fellow NYC dancer and Fit For Birth grad

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