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October 21 - December 30, 2020

Shoes Off- Teen Contemporary Jam

Dancer in a tunnel arching back with arms floating in the air in an L shape and legs spread apart holding herself up


Combining principals from modern, jazz, hip hop and ballet, this class is a fun and challenging approach to movement.

Open to all ages and all dance backgrounds, no judgement and no prior experience needed. 

Class begins with a high energy warm up that focuses on rhythmic timing while elevating the heart rate. We’ll transition into exercises that explore concepts fundamental to the contemporary technique, with emphasis on sequential movement, release, and spinal mobility. Choreography will draw upon the principles established in warmup while lending space for personal interpretation. Students are encouraged to widen their artistic lens, and give their voice to the phrase work. 

Danita Shaheen is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and certified Pilates instructor from New York. She has performed nationally and internationally with numerous contemporary, modern, and jazz/ hip hop companies. She currently teaches dance classes to students of all ages and levels at public schools, dance studios, professional workshops, summer intensives, gyms, and private lessons. She is versed in a variety of dance styles and disciplines. Class is geared towards fostering creativity as well as movement comprehension. She encourages students find their own artistic voice through collaborative activities and exercises. Dance has always been her passion. She looks forward to sharing that joy of dance with her new students.


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A dark-skinned dancer moves freely in a dance studio


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Three dancers moving freely in a dance studio

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