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November, 15-16, 2019

Take Root: Kelley Donovan & Dancers and Maya Orchin

Take Root

TAKE ROOT, now in its 11th season, nurtures dance artists at established stages in their careers, pairing them in a split bill or full evening-length program. This monthly series supports dance makers’ experimentation and growth by providing our venue, Green Space, along with full technical and marketing support to present their work to the NYC public.

November 15th and 16th
Advance sale tickets: $17 online at
Tickets purchased at door: $20 cash, $22 credit card

About the Work:

Kelley Donovan & Dancers' "Shifting Sea" explores sudden dramatic shifts such as loss or illness that create vulnerability in our lives. It is a dance about how quickly life can take an unexpected turn that changes our entire existence. Through mercurial weight shifts we will explore how these sudden shifts, optimistically force us to adapt.

Maya Orchin's “In the Wake” is an exploration into the depths of fear, how it manipulates our perceptions and twists the fabric of our consciousness. This piece beckons the viewer into a dissected existence, torn between the physicality of real-life traumas and the existential unfolding that follows. How can the fears morph once embodied? The dancers navigate a hyper-vibrational space creating a new landscape that's filled with a vigorous and electric scene. They layer their own experiences on stage within a futuristic dimension, giving birth to something unexpected. The work will be performed by Hannah Wendel, Shawn Brush, and Katarina Lott, with music by Elizabeth Hart and Iván Lee and video by Simon Burrill.

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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