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August, 6-8, 2020

Teaching Artist Summer Seminar - Online

Seminar participants discuss their ideas. Christopher Setter

The Mark Morris Dance Group’s Teaching Artist Summer Seminar is a three-day online workshop for teaching artists at any stage of their career to gain new skills and perspectives. Built on Mark Morris’ vision for dance education, the seminar is led by Mark Morris Dance Group company members, principal teaching artists of the Mark Morris Dance Center, and the Education team.

Using Mark Morris’ repertory as a point of reference, this seminar will provide teaching artists with the tools and understanding of dance education through the following pedagogical values:

Incorporating music and rhythm, both live and recorded, in the classroom
Leveraging cultural resources in curriculum development
Creating an inclusive learning environment through differentiation practices

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A dark-skinned dancer moves freely in a dance studio


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Three dancers moving freely in a dance studio

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