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July, 12-23, 2021

Virtual Horton Teacher's Workshop

Ailey Extension's Horton Teacher Workshop with Ana Marie Forsythe Nicole Tintle

July 12–16, 2021  |  Session I: Introductory / Beginner

July 19–23, 2020  |  Session II: Intermediate / Advanced

This exclusive online workshop gives dance teachers, dance scholars, and professional dancers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Horton technique, learn Horton studies and increase the knowledge and details of this unique American modern dance technique under master teacher and scholar of the Horton vocabulary, Ana Marie Forsythe. Since 1979, Ana Marie Forsythe has been the Chair of the Horton Department at the prestigious Ailey School, co-author of “The Dance Technique of Lester Horton” and is the artist director of six Horton technique videos.

Enhance your teaching skills and receive an all-inclusive view of the technique. The Horton Teacher Workshop offers instructors the knowledge to train students to use proper body alignment, improve strength, coordination, and flexibility as well as the ability to train more versatile dancers. 

Some knowledge of the Horton Technique is preferred and participants must have three years of teaching experience. 

"With a sprinter's upper body strength, a gymnast's flexible lower back, and a classical dancer's articulated feet and legs, Horton dancers are athletic and expressive instruments. The technique produces an overall effect of fierceness, something many working choreographers desire." --Dance Magazine

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