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August, 12-14, 2021

Yoko Murakami + Testu Collective, In the Trisk Backyard

Blurry photo of Yoko Murakami caught mid movement against a white background. Draping black fabric covers her face and body. Yoko Murakami + Testu Collective

AUGUST 12-14, 2021

8pm, 9pm


Sliding scale tickets starting at $15.
Limited seating available. Advance purchase recommended.

Surrender to THE VOID, a surreal performance that explores the deep recesses of the mind, where reality is constantly in flux. The backyard of Trisk is reimagined as an alternate universe, and the audience is taken on a sensory journey through Murakami’s intuitive movement and Testu’s hypnotic visuals with acousmatic sounds.
As a metaphor for current times, this performance delves into how the pandemic has changed our sense of place and shifted our perception of time.

Concept: Testu Collective & Yoko Murakami
Movement: Yoko Murakami
Video & Set Design: Dan Tesene & Serena Stucke
Fabrication: Dan Tesene
Sound: Serena Stucke

Yoko Murakami is a Tokyo-born, NYC-based movement artist. Her site-specific works use the body to activate and question the status quo. She is constantly exploring ways to blur the boundaries of creative mediums through her surreal, intuitive approach and cross-disciplinary collaborations. She is an active collaborator of Testu Collective since 2018. @yokoteki

Testu Collective is an NYC-based art group founded by Dan Tesene and Serena Stucke in 2017. They create performances to shift the audience’s perspectives by applying concepts from expanded cinema and intermedia. Their work reimagines visual systems and sonic environments through a combination of custom-made videos, experimental sound worlds, architectural elements, and sculptural movement. @testucollective

*Triskelion Arts is ADA-compliant and committed to making our Backyard welcoming and accessible to all. For seating questions, and accommodation, or assistance is needed for purchasing tickets, please contact us at 718.389.3473 or [email protected] Accessible seats are available for each performance and an accessible restroom is located on street level.

If accessible seating or assistance is required, please contact us at [email protected] 48 hours in advance of your ticket date.

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