Saturday, May 21, 2016

10th Annual Dance Parade and Festival

10th Annual Dance Parade and Festival Sebastian Kilmek

Dance Parade 2016 Registration is OPEN!
Now into its 10th Year, Dance Parade New York has become the world's largest event to celebrate the diversity of dance. The word is out. The energy is building. Over 10,000 dancers will celebrate more than 75 styles of dance and culture.

On May 21st, 2016, Dance Parade will explode down Broadway in the heart of Manhattan, sashay through Union Square and leap across Saint Marks Place. Never seen before dance genres and choreography that highlight the human experience -- 75 styles, everything from Ballet to Breakdance, Two-step to Dub-Step and African to Zydeco--all in dazzling outfits, with live bands, djs and decorated floats. 
Dance Parade is for EVERYONE!
Click here to watch the Preview Video!

Over 10,000 dancers will showcase over 75 styles of dance. We hire teaching artists and performance groups throughout the year as a thank you to participating in the parade.

The parade culminates in Tompkins Square Park where DanceFest kicks off unforgettable performances on four stages--with dance lessons, roaming performers, experience dance booths and an epic dance party--all FREE to the public.

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Elisabetta Minutoli in Irritante by Enzo Celli
Elisabetta Minutoli in Irritante by Enzo Celli