Sunday, October 29, 2017 - Sunday, January 21, 2018

Body & Mind Awareness Class

This class focuses on creating a connection between the mind and body through a series of meditation including 'awareness of breath', 'deep relaxation', 'calm the mind' and 'expanding spine'. It creates a peaceful meditation enviroment by guiding students to feel their bodies and the space.

The class starts with the students laying on the floor with eyes closed. There they focus on breathing, feeling the body and the space around them according to teacher's instruction. Then, through a slow combination of movements starting with spine, each body part is encouraged to move focusing on engagement of the spine and pelvis. Every movement will be guieded to use the breath without forcing the body. The class ends with a final meditation focusing on the breath.

Each step helps students understand how their bodies and minds can work together in harmony. Especially, it facilitates them to move in accordance with their own natural body shape without pain, forcing, pressure.

It can benefit to reduce back pain, relieve tension and release the stress.

All levels and experiences are welcome.

SUNDAY 9:00-10:30am / $17 (Union $16)

Ballet Arts @City Center 6fl. (130west 56th street)

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