March, 14-17, 2018

Mark it in Pencil

cullenandthem performing dance piece Mark it in Pencil Courtesy Cullen and Them

cullen+them and young dance collective, the two performing ensembles of cullen+them, come together for an evening of inter-generational performance under the direction of Hannah Cullen.  Blending the line between dance and theater, Mark it in Pencil integrates spoken word, narrative dialogue, and movement to address issues of gender, sexuality, white privilege, and mental illness. Cullen developed the piece around the question of individuality and how we may resolve conflict by listening. Throughout the piece, several narrative scenes occur, grounding the performers in concrete examples of conflict. “Mark It In Pencil is about leaving yourself open for change by listening to the other,” says Cullen.


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Elisabetta Minutoli in Irritante by Enzo Celli
Elisabetta Minutoli in Irritante by Enzo Celli