January 9 - May 29, 2018

Open Hustle w/ Alessandra Marconi

Alessandra stands arms spread demonstrating technique to a student.

Tuesdays, Jan. 9 – May 29

$15/ Single Class

$50/ Single Class Monthly Pass (Does not include Hustle Social)

$65/ Unlimited (Does not include Hustle Social)

We now offer two one-hour classes in Hustle Partner Dance accompanied by a 30 minute practice session. Find which description best suits you. Any questions or inquiries about private lessons, email

OPEN HUSTLE: 7-8pm Introducing footwork and patterns. Learning how to find physical synchronicity between leading and following.

GUIDED PRACTICE SESSION: 8-8:30pm Music will play for 30 minutes between the two classes. People are encouraged to practice with each other freely and ask questions to gain further insight. Included in a single class rate.

EXPERIENCED HUSTLE: 8:30-9:30pm Take this class if you have a strong basic foundation. THis hour will focus on applying techniques and concepts to enhance personal expression and communication. How can you create the best social dance for yourself and your partner?

A social dance born and bred in 1970’s New York City has resurfaced among the new generation of social dancers. Alessandra teaches a traditional Hustle foundation that focuses on 3-count rhythmic synchronicity of leader and follower and the responsibility of each to create a balanced partnership. Social dancing is an outlet to communicate without words, listen to disco classics and contemporary mixes of funk and soul. Above all, to have fun! Dance partners are not required to attend the class. Partners will be made in class and rotate throughout its duration.

About the Artist: NYC’s social dance community grabbed Alessandra Marconi’s attention one night three years ago at a house music dance club. Recognizing the close knit connection that social dance has between communication and society felt to her like second nature. Marconi soon discovered Hustle dance and humbly became a student of notable OGs like Alex Kim, John Merisier and Domingo Cruz. Alessandra is a versatile artist who works professionally as a dancer, writer and artistic collaborator. She moved to New York City 7 years ago, graduated from Marymount Manhattan College and has since spent several months performing in Europe and Asia.

Facebook: @hustlesocial

Instagram: @hustlesocial

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