Weekly Advocacy Alert, November 4th: Join our post-election debrief and resource conversation during this week’s Dance Field-wide Call

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Weekly Advocacy Alert, November 4th: Join our post-election debrief and resource conversation during this week’s Dance Field-wide Call


Weekly Advocacy Alert, November 4th:
Join our post-election debrief and
resource conversation during
this week’s Dance Field-wide Call  

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Dance/NYC acknowledges the volatility of the current time as we await the election results. As we all work through what is happening, we invite you to take a deep breath and practice self-care. As a part of Dance/NYC’s COVID resource list we have a curated list of mental health resources that may be valuable during the current time. We acknowledge that many rely on the resources in these weekly advocacy alerts. As such, here is our weekly list of curated resources.

Dance/NYC is holding space during this week’s dance field-wide call to address our continued civic engagement and debrief from the election. This week will be a group share out of the latest federal advocacy efforts for arts relief, and any resources or efforts that you know about to continue engagement to strengthen our democracy. Lucy Sexton from New Yorkers for Culture & Arts will be facilitating the group discussion. Please come prepared with any resources you may have.


1.  PPP Loan Forgiveness
     a. According to the SBA, new SBA Forms 3509 (for-profit borrowers) and 3510 (nonprofit borrowers), dealing with PPP “loan necessity,” will be available for “borrowers with PPP loans worth $2 million and above.” The forms have not yet been released. 
     b. The SBA is asking for comments by November 25 to a process and paperwork points, including whether the collection of information is necessary.
     c. Bankers are discovering as they start to process PPP loan forgiveness applications that Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) emergency grants (advances) must be deducted from the forgiven amounts and treated as a loan payable to the bank. Banks have noted to the SBA and Congress that the non-forgiveability of EIDL advances was not communicated at the beginning of the process. A bill sponsored by Senator Cardin (D-MD), would repeal this requirement.

2. Executive Order on combating race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating 
     a. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., the National Urban League, and the National Fair Housing Alliance filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s “Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping” on the grounds that it violates the guarantees of Free Speech, Equal Protection, and Due Process.
     b. A group of two dozen Representatives has introduced legislation, H.R. 8595, to invalidate the Executive Order.

3. Increased Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving 
     a. Legacy proposed legislation would allow seniors to make tax-free IRA rollovers to charities through charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts. This was recently included in comprehensive retirement package legislation that was introduced by Committee leadership and will be re-introduced in 2021.
     b. Dance/USA has a current action alert for its members and interested stakeholders to urge their Congressional delegation to support and pass this legislation.


1. New York State Flu Tracker launched to prepare for flu season. The tracker displays daily and weekly flu data and provides timely information about local, regional and statewide flu activity. Sign up for free Flu Shots with the Actors Fund.

2. The 2021 NY State of Health Open Enrollment Period is now open. View health plan options here. You can go online at nystateofhealth.ny.gov or call NY State of Health at 1-855-355-5557 for assistance.

3. Governor Cuomo announced that the State will allow county and city governments to impose mask requirements of their own. More than a third of school districts statewide do not currently have mask requirements in place. 

4. New York announced a new protocol allowing out-of-state travelers to "test out" of the State's mandatory 14-day quarantine. Starting today, travelers must be tested within three days prior to landing in New York, quarantine for at least three days upon arrival, and get tested on the fourth day of arrival. If travelers receive a negative test on the fourth day of their quarantine, they can exit quarantine. Read more about the State's new guidelines. 

5. New York State’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory now includes 39 states and Guam and Puerto Rico. Non-essential travel between New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut is discouraged. Travelers from Level 2 and Level 3 countries (all but 31 countries) and other areas with high infection rates must provide local authorities with contact information and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in New York. For more information, visit the New York State website or call the hotline at 888-364-3065

6. A new seat belt law is set to take effect in New York on Sunday, requiring passengers in the back of for-hire vehicles to buckle up, State of Politics reports.


1. The NYC Small Business Resource Network offers free, personalized, one-on-one assistance for small business owners. Business owners can sign up for this service through the Chamber of Commerce in their borough.

2. Mayor de Blasio announced the Open Storefronts program, permitting storefront businesses to use a portion of their sidewalk. Businesses can visit www.nyc.gov/openstorefronts to review eligibility requirements and to complete a brief online application.

3. Councilmember Kallos introduced Int-2137, which would mandate the creation of a prevailing wage schedule for human services workers. If prevailing wage rates are adopted, it would require the City to fund wage increases as part of new contracts, modifications, or renewals.

4. COVID-19 Updates 
     a. U.S. coronavirus cases crossed the 9 million mark, rising by 1 million in two weeks, as the world faces a resurgence in the pandemic, Reuters reports.
     b. New York City is recording a slow and steady rise in COVID-19 cases, The Wall Street Journal reports. The spread continues to move beyond hotspot areas with 67 out of 177 ZIP codes in the City reporting average test positivity rates above 2%, Gothamist reports
     c. The positivity rate in the "micro-cluster" focus areas was 2.75%. The statewide positivity rate excluding these areas was 1.38%. To find out where the “micro-cluster” zones are, and to see what restrictions apply to each zone, please visit www.nyc.gov/covidzone.
     d. Download the COVID Alert NY app today! 
     e. Remember to follow the “core four”—wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, stay home if you’re sick—and get tested! For information on free testing, personal protective equipment and more, visit the NYC Mayor's Office Coronavirus page

5. Share your experiences with #CripTheVote and with social media activism for disability rights via this survey by November 6th.

6. Engaging in a community action in support of dance workers? Submit to be listed on the #ArtistsAreNecessaryWorkers Campaign Activations page. Visit the page for events, actions, and platforms that are independently led by the NYC dance community

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