May, 1-19, 2017

Morning Class with Jon Kinzel

Photo of Jon Kinzel Scott Shaw

Morning Class with Jon Kinzel

May 1-19

MWF 10am-12pm

MR@Eden's Expressway

537 Broadway

Technique/Exercises in Composition: This class is designed to access multiple threads at once such as: greater range of motion and articulation; rhythm; isolated and momentum-driven movement forms; alignment; abbreviated improvisations; and dancing that supports a balanced square orientation over a vertical axis while traversing through space and shifting off center in a mode that reflects a play between athleticism, performance, and a particular disposition.

Jon Kinzel has presented his work, including numerous commissions and solo shows, at a variety of national and international venues: receiving critical praise for Responsible Ballet and What We Need Is a Bench to Put Books On (2010), Someone Once Called Me A Sound Man (2013) – Best of 2013 in Artforum, COWHAND CON MAN (2015), Provision Provision (2015), and Atlantic Terminus (2016). He has received fellowships, residencies, and ongoing support from several foundations. As a performer and collaborator he has worked with many influential artists, composers, and choreographers. His writing and visual art has been featured in publications such as SCHIZM and the MR Performance Journal, and, he has been an Adjunct Professor and Guest Artist at Barnard, Yale, NYU, GWU, Amherst, Vassar, Emerson, Tsekh Moscow, Dance House in Ireland, and the Merce Cunningham Trust. Currently, he is a faculty member at LIU, LCE, and Movement Research.

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