June 6 - September 19, 2017

Movement in the Moment: A Dance Improv Series at Mark Morris Dance Center

The Lovelies at Movement Research's Mondays at Judson Church Ian Douglas

Movement in the Moment: A Dance Improv Series at Mark Morris Dance Center taught by The Lovelies

Come play with us. Move freely. Compose dance in the moment with live musicians.

In this after work, no stress improv class, fun exercises and loose structures help you cultivate your unique voice as a moving body and artist. Move from your deep impulses with clear and bold choices. As we all build solo material, we will work on moving together, acutely paying attention to one another, the space, what the dance needs to develop, and decide together on an ending in the moment. Our goal is to make meaningful and cohesive dances all while holding space for our solo material and others. 

We will begin by practicing 30 second dances working towards 15 minute dances. Seasoned improvisors welcome. No prior improv or dance experience necessary. Class will end with an open “jam.”

This class takes place the first & third Tuesday of every month.

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