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Monday, March 27, 2023

Searching URGENTLY for 3 dancers

Upcoming premiere of Lecture Demonstrations Carolina Cortes

"THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY" a contemporary music/dance interdisciplinary work for children/youth and general audiences, featuring Indigenous artits, performers, storytellers and music, to acknowledge Native American culture, issues and history, as how Mohawks and the indigenous workers built our city in the past and in the present, that our city represents hundreds of U.S. Tribal Nations. NYC is home to the largest population of urban Indians and we want to acknowladge that we are on Indian Land to NYC audiences.

Searching for: One female and two male dancers with experience and improvisatory skills: contemporary, urban, and hip-hop training. Must wear iron worker gear: helmet, belt, and tools. Willing to learn and dance some traditional social dance moves. Choreography partly maybe happen on a big ladder, so they should feel comfortable with weight & heights. If a dancer sings or raps will be very appreciated.

Rehearsals starting the week of April 3rd, expected 2 sessions of 3 hours each x week, performances expected the first week of May. Payment includes rehearsals and 3 performances.

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