Dance/NYC Board

Purpose of the Board of Directors

The purpose of Dance/NYC’s Board is to exercise fiduciary and strategic oversight of Dance/NYC in furtherance of its mission; to provide effective representation in the wider nonprofit, public and private sectors; and to actively contribute to the development of Dance/NYC’s financial and human resources. 

The Board of Directors has a series of committees which include the Committee on Trustees, the Finance and Audit Committee, and the Legal Committee.

Board of Directors Job Description.


Dance/NYC values justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity at all levels of its organization, including its Board, committees, task forces, and staff. Diversity in this context refers to groups and individuals identified by, for instance, race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, status, religion, national origin, marital or partnership status, ancestry, political belief or activity, or status as a veteran. To foster the values of justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity, Dance/NYC seeks participation on its Board, committees, task forces, and staff from individuals who share and hold these values and reflect the diversity of the metropolitan New York City area, with a focus on majority African, Latina/o/x, Asian, Arab, and Native American (ALAANA) participation and disability and immigrant representation. According to 2020 Census data, the New York City population is approximately 69% ALAANA. Census Data from the 2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates suggests that the New York City population is 11% disabled, and 37% foreign-born. For a full overview of Dance/NYC’s values on justice, equity, and inclusion and the agendas that inform this work, please refer to Dance.NYC/equity/values.

As of January 2024, Dance/NYC’s board of directors has 8/13 ALAANA membership and includes immigrant and disability representation.

If you are interested in joining Dance/NYC's Board, please write to Co-Executive Director Vicki Capote at

If you would like to contact Dance/NYC's Board, please write to

Dance/NYC Board

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Elissa D. Hecker, Esq., Chair

Law Office of Elissa D. Hecker Esq.

Camille Y. Turner

Camille Y. Turner, Vice Chair, Legal Committee Chair

Haug Partners

Dominique Hugg

Dominique Hugg, Co-Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee Co-Chair

Kathrin Heitmann

Kathrin Heitmann, Co-Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee Co-Chair

Moody's Investors Service

Michael Cataliotti headshot

Michael Cataliotti, Secretary

Principal, Cataliotti Law P.C.

 Brandi Glover

Brandi Glover

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Chris Bastardi Headshot

Chris Bastardi

BARO Strategies

Deborah G. Adelman

Deborah G. Adelman

Dance Patron

Gina Brown, has dark skin and greyish hair, smiles at the camera.

Dr. Gina Brown, Committee on Trustees Chair

Jina Paik

Jina Paik

Nonprofit Finance Fund

Picture of Juan José Escalante
Reshma Patel

Reshma Patel

Four Rivers

Shannon Zhu, Esq.

Shannon Zhu, Esq.


Candace Thompson-Zachery

Candace Thompson-Zachery, Co-Executive Director

White queer femme with multicolored short hair, smiling at the camera, wearing a red lip with a velvet top with a lace design.

Sara Roer, Co-Executive Director

Vicki Capote

Vicki Capote, Co-Executive Director


Dancers wearing costumes made of recycled plastic bags perform a lift. Text reads

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