Dance/NYC is amplifying its role as a convener, connecting and educating its constituents and strengthening the collective voice for dance.

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Dance/NYC 2022 Symposium

Dance/NYC 2022 Symposium

Dance/NYC’s 2022 Symposium: Life cycles. Livelihoods. Legacies., focuses on uncovering the generational continuum of lives in dance. Sessions explore career and life navigation, underscoring dance and artistic practice as core human needs while building understanding across generations of audiences and dance workers. This multi-day event invites participants to investigate topics of mentorship, advocacy, leadership, and equity, within an ethos of community care.


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The red and black Parsons Dance logo is displayed at the top right with three dancers jumping together in the center. The They are dressed in vibrant blue, pink, orange, and beige striped tops with black leggings. The have their arms raised above their heads as they look down towards the bottom left at their feet. The bottom right shows Nov 30 - Dec 12, Buy tickets button, and The Joyce logo.


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To the left, you can see the Red and Black Parsons Dance logo, in the middle, a dancer is jumping through the air, his body turned away, but his face looking towards us. The right shows text displaying 'Nov 30 - Dec 12,' 'Buy Tickets,' and The Joyce Theater logo.

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