Dance/NYC’s New York City Dance Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program (RSS) was established to address financial barriers to accessing artistic development space within the New York City dance field. Each grantmaking program builds on Dance/NYC’s ongoing and iterative learnings across its core services including: action-oriented research; advocacy; technological resources through Dance.NYC; leadership training, networking, and convening; and other grantmaking programs; as well as the organizational values of justice, equity, and inclusion embedded into all aspects of its programs and services.

New York City Dance Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program (2019-2021, 2022-2024)

Administered by Dance/NYC and made possible by the Mellon Foundation, the purpose of the New York City Dance Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program is to make affordable rehearsal space available to dance makers who are in critical need of space for the creation and development of their work, while also fostering a more inclusive and just dance field. By addressing financial barriers to accessing artistic development space, this program aims to advance dance artistry in the five boroughs of New York City and contribute to the field’s overall diversity, sustainability, resilience, and health. As of 2021, the Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program has provided $1,760,500 in funding to 16 unique dance rehearsal space facilities to subsidize rehearsal space rentals, collectively offering more than 65,000 hours over three years across all five boroughs. While dance rehearsal space facilities are the direct recipients of funding, individual dance artists and dance making organizations are the primary intended beneficiaries of the program. Learn more about the previous iteration of the program.

In May 2022 - December 2024, Dance/NYC is once again administering the program, and a grantee cohort of 20 rehearsal space facilities will receive a total of over $2 million over the 32-month grant period. Learn more about the 2022-2024 iteration of the fund and the grantees.


Solo dancer captured in jump alongside text details of the performances.

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