Sunday, April 21, 2019

Seeking Asian Male Dancer For VR Project


Seeking a dancer/actor for "Queerskins:" an award winning episodic virtual reality experience which tells the story of Sebastian, a gay man estranged from his rural Catholic Missouri family who dies of AIDS in 1990. This episode, "Queerskins: Ark," includes a scene and an interactive dance.

Alex (Age, 30-35; Ethnicity - Asian)

A sophisticated entertainment lawyer who is charming, knows everyone and is extremely well dressed. He makes people feel like they are the center of the universe, but he is defensive when challenged and wears his snarkiness and sarcasm as a form of protection. He likes his boyfriend, Sebastian, because he is so unprotected and, thus, brave, in a way he is not. Alex is controlled, aware of how he presents himself to others, and likes to be on top. He flirts with sadism, but is not a mean guy. He is just well defended and likes to exercise power mostly by making them feel like they matter. Must have dance experience, preferably in Modern/contemporary style.

Rehearsal/Production Dates:
Rehearsals beginning late May about 2-3x a week then escalating to daily in July. VR (3D volumetric video) shoot is aimed for mid-July. Rehearsals (approximately 100 hours dance and 10 hours scenework) will be in NYC. Shoot (anticipating no more than 4 days) may be out of town, but travel is covered.

Submission Instructions:
Please let us know your general availability between now and mid-July. Also, please be sure to submit either a reel or other video of you dancing. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you have any personal connection to HIV/AIDS or LGBTQ+ issues, please share. All sumbissions should be sent to 

For more information about the project, visit,

Illya Szilak, Director/Writer
Cyril Tsibouliski, Creative Technologist
Brandon Powers, Choreographer
Kathleen Fox, Producer


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