Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Looking for two dancers for recurring project!

Photo from premiere in 2017

Looking for one female identifying (or gender non-conforming) dancer and one male identifying (or gender non-conforming) dancer for a duet I'm interested in reworking this fall/winter season.

The duet is an excerpt from an evening length work I choreographed in 2017 about my experience living in Israel. The whole work is a loose narrative of experiences and thoughts I had about religion, politics, and culture while I was there. The duet is about a relationship that started while I was there, how it built and ultimately how I felt after it was over. The piece is about the fleeting moments in time where the relationship lived, thoughts of feelings of loneliness, and navigating through the relationship with all of those accumulating factors. I’m interested in physically exploring space and time, and how it effects the relationship between the dancers. I would like to rework the choreography on new bodies with collaboration from the dancers and their own experiences. 

If interested or have any questions please submit your resume, headshot, and any video links of you dancing to

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An ad that features a photo from the dance piece


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An ad that features a photo from the dance piece