Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Choreographers Showcases Cabaret Opportunity

LITTERAURBAN EVENTS is now accepting submissions for

emerging choreographers/ artist who would like to present

their works into an evening cabaret show @ Williamsburg/ Brooklyn.

Dance submissions must be original choreography and material

and cannot be more than eight minutes long. We will need to

receive a video of the entire piece you would intend to

present. We limit each event to five choreographers.

Show Date September 14

Application Guidelines

- Submit all materials listed on the application via email


- Links of your work

- Name of Dance Company/ Piece/ Group

- Name of Choreographer/ Artist

- Number of Performers

- Lengths

- Tech Requirement, please be aware that most spaces are

unconventional dance spaces.

-Contact information phone number and email

-Artist's bio (250 words or less) keep it simple

We are excited to see your work. All applicants will be

notified shortly after emailing us

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