Friday, April 3, 2020

Dance Process Gallery

Drawing by Mia Martelli

In reaction to COVID-19’s effect on the dance community, I created Dance Process Gallery, an online gallery for choreographers/dancers exploring other mediums such as essay writing, poetry, drawing, embroidery, knitting, etc as part of their dance research.

It is officially live with its first 2 posts! Check it out! 

Submissions are live and rolling. If you want to submit or know someone who may be interested, please share with them. 

To submit, email with the subject "Dance Process Gallery Submission" with your submission, and title of the work + description (if you want) 

Your submission can be connected to a piece you have created/a dance that inspired you/a process you were in/a new way to connect to your creativity, etc. There are really no rules! I would love this gallery to be a reflection of the versatility and creativity of our dance community, and the many ways a process can blossom, transform, and be present.

Check out the site here:

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