Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Virtual Reality Fitness Company looking for Dance Instructors

Virtual Reality Fitness/Dance @wearefitxr

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We are a Virtual Reality fitness company looking for instructors to create workouts for a new concept. This is a great role for someone looking to be a part of a fun team and a new and exciting concept. The role will fit flexibly around your current schedule as it is project based. Please be aware when applying for this role that we will need to fly you to London for 1-2 weeks for a motion capture session to capture your choreography. We understand 2 weeks out fo your schedule is a long time (even if it is for a work trip to London!) so we will split this up to 2 x 1 week sessions over 2 Months to allow you to maintain some consistency for your current classes.


- 3+ years of dance teaching and choreographing.

- Dance training

- Experience working with music and creating work outs to the beat.

- National Fitness Certification from an accredited organization

- Charismatic personality and the ability to make clients sweat, feel inspired, challenged and encourages.

- Strong coaching cue skills

- Team player that has a strong understanding of elevated customer experience.

- Enthusiastic, passionate, motivated with knowledge of the fitness industry.

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