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April 25 - June 27, 2019

Afro Island Dance with Jessica Phoenix

Jessica Phoenix

Thursdays | 10am-11:30am | April 18 – June 27

Afro Island Dance is a multilevel upbeat cultural dance experience based in AfroCaribbean movement. Explore the similarities and uniqueness of the vast Afro Diasporic nations. Barefoot preferred as we get grounded while we work the hips, activate the waistline, and release through our bodies. This class will uplift your spirit through Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, and the rhythm of the drum. Gather and celebrate in this open community space.

Jessica Phoenix has been a life long dancer, starting lessons at age 6…and literally, never stopped. She has gone through a dynamically diverse history. ‘PHOENIX’ a name given to her during her early years, later revealed after undergoing intense rehabilitation of a shattered pelvis and broken jaw caused by car accident. The symbolic rising and rebirth of the Phoenix bird has taken full meaning ever since. Purposed, driven, and resilient, FIYAH® was born.

Her move to Atlanta in 2007 was where the height of her versatile training, performance background and earliest choreography experience took place. Most notably touring nationally and internationally with UniverSoul Circus, King Michael MJ Tribute, & America’s Got Talent Finalist, iLuminate. Under her trademarked brand FIYAH® she has dedicated the past 12 years to studying, working, & creating exclusively within the African Diasporic music and movement space.

While in Atlanta she is credited with bringing the first weekly authentic Dancehall class with Live DJ catching the attention of Latonya Style, international Jamaican cultural ambassador and owner of Kingston’s DanceJA. At this time, she also formed, the Fiyah Squad ladies Dancehall group, credited for representing for Jamaican Dancehall in the U.S. energizing the party scene, street dance community, & mainstream dance arena in Atlanta, Georgia.This led to the Jamaica trip in 2013, invited to teach her AfroIsland dance workshop at DanceJA…being the only American guest instructor at the International Dancehall Homecoming Event in Kingston JA. She has since continued to invest in making annual trips to the island for inspiration, constant cultural exploration and deeper connections.While there, living the local island life, traveling throughout the different parishes, and studying with veteran and young Jamaican dancers. Searching for more growth potential, Phoenix relocated and landed an opportunity to teach her classes Dancehall Fiyah and Afro Island Dance at New York City’s Broadway Dance Center. Now residing in NYC,  as owner of licensed brand FIYAH® and CEO of Fiyah Productions, LLC she was able to create large platforms with FIYAH® Dancehall Theater(2013), FIYAH® Fit Ladies Dance Fit(2015) with CoFounder LadySol, and FIYAH® Women’s Retreat(2017) in Jamaica.

Her goals and focus throughout the years have remained and through Aimed to heal, connect, open minds, heal hearts, support community and create lasting cultural experiences.

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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