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September 19 - November 21, 2019


Henning Rübsam


EVDOL 013 - Dance in the New Millennium

Henning Rübsam
Technical wizardry spurred by competitions in dance studios, on stage, and on TV, seems to define the current dance climate. This course will examine changes in dance techniques and aesthetics and other new trends in the dance world, and it will feature some of its brightest stars from stage and screen as live guest speakers and on video excerpts. In addition many questions will be answered. How did “modern” morph into “contemporary” dance? Why is ballet just now starting to integrate dancers of color? Which dance form influences other dance genres the most? What is necessary for dancers to survive the demands made on their bodies? Who brings street dance on TV and the concert dance stage? Immerse yourself in the lectures and interviews, engage in class discussions, and learn about the creative and interpretive dance artists of now and the future.

10 weeks 
Thursday 5:30 – 7 pm
September 19 – November 21

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