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April, 6-11, 2020

Dance Around the Globe - Peridance Online Classes

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Join us in making a difference! This campaign will help us set up a large range of dance classes for students young and old, and display on line performances from our rich repertoire, to bring much needed hope and purpose to our global dance community, to our dedicated teachers and educators and to our audiences.

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company and Peridance Capezio Center are rising to the call of these hard times and are teamed together to bring our quality dance education to an on-line platform for our students all around the globe.

There is no higher purpose than strengthening the human connection between all of us and hand in hand moving through these hard times with conviction and resolve, and with heads up towards a new chapter full of love, laughter and DANCE.

Please consider donating so that we can keep PCDC and Peridance community moving into the future!
Click here to support our teaching artists and Peridance community. #staystrongwithperidance

Online Class Schedule, 4/6/2020 - 4/11/2020

REGISTER NOW! (Find links to Zoom on our GoFundMe page)

Monday April 6th
12-1pm PCDC Company Class Adv Ballet with Igal Perry
4:30-5:15pm School at Peridance Ballet with Nikki Holck (SYE/JYE and Children Age 15-18yrs)

Tuesday April 7th
12-1pm Peridance Open Improvisation with Troy Ogilvie
4:30-5:15pm School at Peridance Contemporary Jazz with Diego Funes (Recommended Age 10-18yrs)

Wednesday April 8th
1-2pm Peridance Adv/Int Ballet with Laura Bernasconi
4:30-5:30pm School at Peridance Ballet with Igal Perry (Core III, IV, V and Children Age 12-15yrs)

Thursday April 9th
1-2pm Peridance Adv/Int Contemporary with Mike Esperanza
4-5pm Peridance Open Barre a Terre with Anabella Lenzu

Friday April 10th
9:30-10:30pm Adv/Int Urban Choreography with Bo Park

Saturday April 11th
11-11:45am School at Peridance Modern with Colin Heininger (Recommended Age 10-18yrs)
1-1:45pm School at Peridance Hip Hop with Billy Cohen (Recommended Age 10-18yrs)

REGISTER NOW! (Find links to Zoom on our GoFundMe page)

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