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May, 17-23, 2019

FREE Resident Artist Showings

FREE Work-In-Progress Showings at Mabou Mines as Part of the 2019 Resident Artist Program

The five selected Mabou Mines’ 2019 Resident Artist groups will present work-in-progress showings of their projects free to the public from May 17 through May 23, 2019. This year’s Resident Artists are: Hannah Mitchell and Lisa Fagan; Leonie Bell, Marcella Murray, and Hyung Seok Jeon; Arpita Mukherjee/Hypokrit Theatre; Dara Malina and Lacy Rose; and Sugar Vendil. 

Mabou Mines’ long-standing Resident Artist Program, originally founded in 1991 by Ruth Malezcech, offers emerging artists the opportunity to work in residence at Mabou Mines for six months, receiving mentoring from Artistic Directors and Associates, as well as a stipend, rehearsal and performance space, and administrative and technical assistance. Participants attend monthly meetings, creating an artistic community through shared ideas in a forum-like setting. Resident Artists show their work at the program’s culmination; the showings are always free and open to the public. The program is supported, in part, by the Jerome Foundation and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council.

The 2019 RAP Showings will take place May 17 - May 23 at Mabou Mines, 150 First Avenue, Manhattan. The showings are 50 minutes or less each. Tickets are free but reservations are highly encouraged. Ticket link: For more information on the shows, visit

About the 2019 Resident Artists

Arpita Mukherjee/Hypokrit Theatre Company | ELEMENTS

Free Showings: May 17 at 8pm + May 18 at 8pm

You are on a journey to save the earth. You don't believe the earth needs help. You are lost in the floods and the typhoons. You are the savior that advocates for the progress of humanity. You are the one that sees the beauty of destruction.

Gods and heroes and villains are a part of every epic story. In the story of our Earth, who are We? Are we the Creators, the Preservers or the Destroyers?

Have we preserved what we should destroy? Or have we created a form of destruction?

Elements is a journey to understand our past and rebirth our future, using the myth of the Hindu trinity - Brahma as creator, Vishnu as Preserver and Shiva as Destroyer - and Tandav, the dance of destruction, the suppression of ignorance and the cosmic balance.

Leonie Bell, Marcella Murray + Hyung Seok Jeon | I DON’T WANT TO INTERRUPT YOU GUYS

Free Showings: May 19 at 2pm + May 20 at 7pm

“I Don’t Want To Interrupt You Guys” is a physicalized disruption of the defensive spaces we inhabit when we encounter our most vulnerable selves. Using live media, family histories, and a reverence for the kids we used to be, this piece is an attempt to rekindle what intimacy and empathy can be when misplaced properness is thrown out with the trash. This is a yard sale of memories that we may have altered in the interest of feeling connected to anything at all.

This piece was developed with additional support by the Founder’s Artist-in-Residency Program at the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation in May 2018.

Hannah Mitchell + Lisa Fagan | WARM LINE

Free Showings: May 19 at 3:30pm + May 20 at 8:30pm

With dancers Nora Alami, Lena Engelstein, Quincie Hydock, Shannon Spicer, Kimiko Tanabe & Joanna Warren. “Warm Line” is a daughter’s attempt to rekindle the warmth and exuberance of her mother’s life. It is a foggy and laughter-rippled homage to a life lived in service of others and in search of connection, of a woman flickering on the threshold between lucidity and psychosis. Euripides’ Bakkhai, Richard Simmons’ Anatomy Asylum, and a non-crisis overnight hot-line in Georgia are all set ablaze in this show where ancient and contemporary griefs smolder side-by-side.

Dara Malina + Lacy Rose | THE PASSION ACCORDING TO G.H.

Free Showings: May 21 at 8pm + May 22 at 8pm

Director Dara Malina and composer Lacy Rose are adapting Clarice Lispector’s 1964 novella, “The Passion According to G.H.” into a multi-disciplinary opera that follows the story of a woman who encounters a cockroach while cleaning her home, tastes the white stuff inside of the crushed insect, and has an existential awakening. Known only as G.H., an unmarried self-sufficient female sculptor, she travels time and space while never leaving the quadrilateral room described as a “minaret.”

This transformative piece celebrates one of the finest Latin American writers of the twentieth-century. Our goal is to create something beautiful, grotesque and sublime. To immerse an audience into the soaring poetic language and abstract depths of this challenging work about individual agency, hope, and the meaning of life. To escape reality and enter the superior unreality of this mind-bending religious experience. Performers: Avery Leigh Druat, Ariadne Greif, Caroline Miller. Clay Artist: Kelley Donahue. Lighting Designer: Kate McGee. Costume Designer: Alyssa Korol. Assistant Director: Brooke DeBettingnies. Stage Manager: Kait Mahoney.

Sugar Vendil | ANTONYM

Free Showings: May 22 at 7pm + May 23 at 7:30pm

“Antonym” is an interdisciplinary piece that connects sound, movement, and projection design. There’s no antonym for nostalgia. “Antonym” (working title) attempts to construct the thing we don’t have a word for: if nostalgia is a yearning for the past, “Antonym” longs for forward motion and envisions the future as an escape from pain.

Using field recordings of New York City throughout the year, the four seasons serve as a cyclical frame and context for memory. This performance will show the first completed movement I. Winter: Now, Then, and then. It features composer-pianist Sugar Vendil, violinist Hajnal Pivnik, flutist Laura Cocks, projection design by Stephanie Acosta, and costumes by fashion designer Mimi Prober.

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