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July, 20-28, 2021

Infusing Dance Technique Classes with Student-Centered Learning

Teachers sharing during a professional development session

This virtual series is led by Juilliard faculty member and Director of Juilliard K–12 Dance Programs, Hilary Easton along with two teacher-partners: renowned dancer-educator-artists Jenn Nugent (week one) and Paul Singh (week two). Participants will take part in a daily technique class combined with consistent opportunities for self and collaborative reflection. We will explore a range of strategies to adapt the discoveries and concepts explored in each class for our individual teaching practices, present and future.

This workshop is an opportunity for dancers and dance teachers to consider ways to highlight and extend one’s own teaching along with student-centered approaches to learning. Essential questions that we will investigate are: How can we support students to have deeper learning experiences in technique class? How can we make space for student agency and positive self-assessment? What are ways that we can assist students to extend their development as dancers, learners, and collaborators? As we know, there is a difference between giving class versus teaching class, and also a difference between taking class versus learning in class.

This workshop is open to both experienced and novice dance educators, and to dancers with varied levels of training. In addition to the workshop facilitators, there will be a live accompanist and Juilliard student-demonstrators participating from the Juilliard campus.

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