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August, 17-19, 2019

Masked Dancer for Music Video

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Funkrust Brass Band is seeking 2 dancers to be in a music video that will be shot on 8/17&19. 

The movement will be theatrical and the choreo is loose. You will be playing the role of a spirit-like-creature. A Gremlin. A Ghost. An Interpretive dancer. The story is a dark fairy tale. 

You must be available for both of these shoot days:
12-6 pm on 8/17 in staten island (We can provide transportation, but we will leave very early in the morning and return later than 6pm)
1-7pm on 8/19 in Bushwick
Total pay for both days: $150

You'll be wearing something like a ghillie costume and a mask. 
Director/Cinematographer: Iain Marcks 
We'll work together and establish the choreography.  

Reach out with any questions!

Billy Schultz (Dancify That)



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