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November, 2-30, 2020

November 2020 Adult Classes: JAZZ/MUSICAL THEATER

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Jazz is an inclusive joyful style that incorporates dance technique and social dance within its lineage. Jessa’s class blends jazz, musical theater, and storytelling, and shares both the technical steps and their origins. Class pacing and level are tailored to who is in the room for class, though options for intermediate dancers will be provided. Get your body moving with a guided warmup series (isolations, lunges, a plie/bend/balance sequence, and crunches). Then, we move into learning a combination that will expand over several classes. Please welcome Jessa, a new teaching artist to Dancewave! Jessa Rose (BA, MA) is a musical theater dancer and K-12 dance teacher. Open to all levels; no prior dance experience is necessary.


Fall into Dancewave’s November Adult Dance & Fitness Classes! 

Taking class at Dancewave is about the joy of moving, building confidence, and learning together in an environment that celebrates individual expression and creativity. Our new virtual class format is designed to keep you connected, moving and having fun at home all week long! 

Dancewave’s new flexible payment structure ($5-$15 per drop-in class) is here to ensure that our classes remain a dynamic, accessible and equitable opportunity for all.  Each new monthly schedule will be announced two weeks in advance, with a week-long Flash Sale where you can sign up for our $60 Monthly Unlimited Class Card. Learn more at

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