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April, 8-9, 2021


Saung Budaya-The Journey of Minangkabau Dance

In celebration of Saung Budaya’s 15 year anniversary, we are delighted to present to you our Master Artist Dance Series!

In these 2-day workshops, we begin the first day with a lecture understanding the origins and explore the history of some of Indonesia’s most prominent dance forms. We chat with incredible Master Artists who will give insight on the journey of these dances, the story behind the costumes, and where these dances are today. 

On the second day, we get physical and work with Saung Budaya Founder, Amalia Suryani, for a dance workshop in which we learn the movements of the dance we learned about the previous day. 

In April, we invite Hartati to take us on a Journey of Minangkabau Dance. The dance originated from West Sumatra, Indonesia and is home to the Minagkabau people. The peculiarities of Minangkabau dance are generally influenced by the Islamic religion, the uniqueness of matrilineal customs, and the habit of migrating their communities. Meanwhile, there is also a performance typical of other Minangkabau ethnic groups in the form of a unique blend of martial arts called silk with dancing, singing, and acting known as Randai.

Hartati has performed in many respectable festivals around the globe for over 20 years with the Gumarang Sakti Dance Company. Her experience has given her a deeper understanding toward the Minangkabau dance style. Hartati is not only active in creating new dance pieces but is also a huge advocate for the dance community. 

Find more information on Hartati and Saung Budaya Dance here website and purchase tickets here.

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Tiffany and Men Ca strike a dance pose overtop a purple and pink gradient backdrop. The words


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Tiffany and Men Ca strike a dance pose overtop a purple and pink gradient backdrop. The words

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