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August 13 - December 31, 2021

Take Root: Hee Ra Yoo and N/N Dance Collaborative

Take Root

TAKE ROOT, now in its 13th season, nurtures dance artists at established stages in their careers, pairing them in a split bill or full evening-length program. This monthly series supports dance makers’ experimentation and growth with support to present their work to the public. Take Root will present 20 aesthetically diverse artists among seven performances July 2021 - June 2022. Virtual Performances will take place in July and August.

About the Work

Hee Ra Yoo will present Almost There for Take Root. The Korean phrase “e??i?? e??i??eS?e??” means reaching for something that is just a little too far, but possible to obtain, roughly translated to English as “almost there.” Yoo and Dancers’ new work is about our collective dream to reach our desires in a modern, chaotic world. The dancers represent a crowd becoming a stampede, a warning of one possible outcome of our current path. 'Almost There' was developed during Yoo and Dancers’ three-month residency at Dixon Place.


N/N Dance Collaborative presents a selection of dance works crafted in situ, where movement and location are fully integrated. Nancy Brier’s Breezeblocks (2019), Mother Nature (2021) and Now Was Zen (2021) are works that submerge us in otherworldly environments and take us out into raw nature – searching for humanity’s delicate balance between social and environmental, between dysfunction and transformational change. Nicole Speletic’s DNA (2019) and Dis-Ease (2020-21) peer into internal spaces, the ones deep within ourselves and the ones that we intimately inhabit - places which quietly bear witness to the lived moments we nightly withstand or daily pass through. (created in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Available August 13 - December 31, 2021. Donate to Watch these Take Root performances here!

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