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September, 16-17, 2022

Take Root with Michelle Thompson Ulerich & gorno/Glenn Potter-Takata

This is a photo of the dancers of "Iteration" in a rehearsal .

Michelle Thompson Ulerich
Michelle Thompson Ulerich presents Uncovered Iteration, Ready for Consumption, and Lake Effect. While each of these 3 pieces explores different facets of the human experience, they all delve into intimate sensations that happen in our bodies and our minds. Uncovered Iteration looks at the layers from the past that help us connect more deeply to our present selves, and propels us into the most authentic versions of ourselves. Ready for Consumption explores the beautiful and grotesque parts of devouring all things such as food, drugs, media, and more. The dancers teeter between consuming and being consumed. Lake Effect combines text and movement to reveal a struggling relationship. Michelle's work aims to create a visceral and emotional experience for the audience while also allowing them to uncover their own interpretations and impressions.
gorno/Glenn Potter-Takata
In this new work, Glenn Potter-Takata pursues emptiness. But also nothingness. Or maybe he's purposefully getting lost between these two similar words that are heading in opposite directions.

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