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Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Inheritance: A Litany

Janis Brenner in The Inheritance: A Litany Judith Stuart Boroson

Inheritance: A Litany is a deeply intimate, yet universal, comic drama, personal narrative, dance-opera, and non-liner play. Inspired by her late parents, the 47-minute work is a journey into the myriad of ways Janis “became” her parents—Brenner inherited her father’s nose and sarcasm, her mothers singing voice and fragile bones. The autobiographical one-woman show reveals aspects of a family’s story, as well as the nature of how we become who we are. The interdisciplinary tour-de-force also uncovers what make us each unique, complicated, and fragile human beings.

“The text for this work”, states Brenner, “is based on lists I made about my parents and realizing how profoundly I had become them. We inherit our parent’s belongings as well as their physical, psychological, behavioral, and emotional traits. Having this work be so well received is a beautiful tribute to my parents as unique individuals, their stories, and the encouragement of my artistic path.”

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