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November, 25-30, 2019

Traction Bodywork Workshop

Traction Bodywork Bill Hedberg

Free Workshop and Master Class until the end of November.

Your hands can communicate ideas to your students/clients about where they might want to put their bones and which muscles to use.  Use your hands to change the shape of your student’s/client’s bodies, to reduce their pain; to change their lives!

Come gain greater confidence and competence in your ability to change people with your touch. Learn powerful techniques for communicating directly to your student’s/client’s bodies.

We will show you specific techniques to help you change the shape of their myofascia, releasetheir tendons, communicate with their muscles, and traction their bones.

In the 2.5 hours Master Class, we will give you both specific hands-on techniques, as well as larger guiding principles to work with your hands, elbows, etc. while teaching.

In the 2 hours workshop, we will explore and experiment with principles of Traction Bodywork.

We will experiment through various exercises to experience key elements in traction bodywork: body weight, rhythm, momentum, and pressure of touch.

Learn how to touch safely and with authority. Learn how to communicate principles of alignment, timing, and dynamics with your hands.

We will draw on exercises from the disciplines of Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Shen Tao, (and a number of other parallel disciplines) in order to further help you develop your skills.

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