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March 15 - June 7, 2020

Transformational Movement

Through a series of guided movement explorations we will expand our sense of possibilities, practice solving problems creatively, and invite personal transformation into our lives through the act of moving, listening, watching, and collaborating.

In each session we will explore a different question such as: how can we attend to the outer world and remain connected to our own experience at the same time? What are our habits and what do we do with them? How does our use of Time create meaning and how can we deepen our understanding of our relationship with time?

Class begins with a guided personal improvisation aimed at generating an awake and open presence, a person available for connection and clear communication. Facilitated group explorations will be motivated by both the power of intention and the power of play. A creative process to generate a collaborative meaningful group improvisation has at its heart the goal of creating a magical group experience in which one becomes many, and many, one. Authentic expression, consent, transformation, and the embodiment of trust are all facets of this work. Class ends with a short discussion to process the material, and a closing ritual.

Class is Donation Based!

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