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Trusted-Tablets. So easy to make shopping safe! Trusted-Tablets. So easy to make shopping safe!

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Trusted-Tablets. So easy to make shopping safe!

Generic medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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The immune system and vitamins. All about immunity.


Immunity is the ability of your body to protect you from negative external influences so that you do not get sick. Your resistance level depends on your immune system. This system consists of antibodies and white blood cells. Together, they constantly fight bacteria and viruses that enter your body and threaten your health. Your immune system roughly consists of two types: specific resistance (against specific diseases) and non-specific resistance (general protection). The higher your resistance, the better you resist disease. This is why it is recommended that you increase your immune system through a healthy lifestyle and a diet.


Reasons for a decrease in immunity


An unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy diet reduce your resistance to disease. Factors such as lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, and poor nutrition all affect your immune system badly. Other factors can also decrease your resistance, such as certain medications (such as cancer drugs, hormones) and certain illnesses (such as AIDS).


The effects of reduced resistance.


Reduced immunity makes you more vulnerable to diseases and infections. If your resistance is low, you are more likely to get infectious diseases from microorganisms. The most known infectious diseases that can be caused by too low resistance are the flu, the common cold. Also, reduced resistance can cause more serious illness or complications, such as meningitis or pneumonia due to Coronavirus disease COVID-19.


Increase your immunity


Good resistance is very important for your health. Good resistance starts with a healthy lifestyle. This allows you to maintain or increase your resistance. A good balance between exercise (work and sport) and relaxation (rest/sleep) is important. In addition, healthy food is very important. Your body needs sufficient vitamins and minerals from food for your immune system. Only then can it maintain or increase your resistance.

TrustedTabs was founded by young New York City pharmacists.

Pharmacists have been working in their families for several generations. TrustedTabs combines the traditional tasks of the pharmacy, such as individual and detailed advice and high quality products, with the modern world of the Internet sales. The online store Trusted-Tabs is distinguished by a wide variety of products and thus covers the fields of skin care, dietary supplements, anti-aging products, contact lenses, insect repellents, hair care, pedicure, sun protection, health products with the high quality standards.

Also, pay attention to your hygiene: wash your hands regularly and prepare your food in a hygienic way.

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