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November, 21-22, 2019

pink sheets (work-in-progress)

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd Matthew Yeoman

Choreographed and performed by Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, this dance work seeks to interrupt the linearity of time to create a fabulatative experience for its viewers. Taking fragments of stories conjured from memory, fantasy, and our collective imaginations, we reorder and overlap these events to reveal a new logic and meaning. Curiosity boils as the work finds ways to amplify tension and pleasure and a deep connection to the entropy of the human spirit. Using movement generated from explorations on tone, this group of five performers questions what it means to create something magical, modern, and real. This project has received support from The Center for Performance Research's Artist in Residence Program and AUNTS.

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Cunningham in Theaters December 13th


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Cunningham in Theaters December 13th