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Thursday, July 28, 2022

What is the Dance Industry Census?

What is the Dance Industry Census?

What is the Dance Industry Census?

***As of March 2023, the Dance Industry Census is now closed. For more information on what’s next, visit Dance.NYC/DanceIndustryCensus

The Dance Industry Census is the first comprehensive research study that aims to better understand the size, makeup, health and state of the dance ecosystem in the metropolitan New York City area in order to address economic inequities in the field and ensure that all dance workers are recognized and represented. Dance/NYC designed this two-pronged survey effort to collect economic, social, and demographic data that reflects the experiences of:

  1. Individual dance workers and
  2. Dance organizations, businesses, groups, projects, and sole proprietors.

The Dance Industry Census will investigate inequities in the dance workforce that exist at the individual and systemic levels, including wages, compensation, and working conditions. This information will help form a comprehensive picture of the dance workforce and a collective narrative of the needs, interests, and goals of the dance industry. 

Data gathered will also help acknowledge the contributions made by disabled, immigrant, Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color to the sector, and in doing so, close the gap of understanding that allows inequitable access to resources and underinvestment into these communities to persist. 

As a central component in casemaking to legislators, stakeholders, and funders, data from this study will be used to influence and advocate for meaningful change in policies and practices that directly impact the dance industry and its many workers and organized entities.

The data collection period for the Dance Industry Census will run from July 20 through December 15, 2022.

To learn more about the study, review Frequently Asked Questions about the Dance Industry Census.​



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