Disability. Dance. Artistry.

Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects


Mission Statement

Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to producing dance that enhances the artistic process for artists, able-bodied and disabled, audiences, and various partner communities. Our goal is to provide a potent theatrical platform for the issues and voices of diverse communities, often underserved within and without the dance community. Our casts are intergenerational and inclusive, comprised of professionals and people coming to the stage from different walks of life. 

Program Statement

Tamar Rogoff is a choreographer who explores the outer limits of how people negotiate extreme circumstances. She combines and juxtaposes unlikely company members, always on the look out for magical and tender ways to tell difficult stories. Rogoff’s large scale site works, films, and more traditional proscenium performances house her life-long experimental process to search for balance in the ungainly positions in which she finds herself. 

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