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marked dance project

A female dancer being lifted in the air by a male dancer while being surrounded by various dancersPhoto by: Peter Richter

Mission Statement

marked dance project aims to expose the art of dance to a variety of individuals, both disabled and non-disabled, of differing cultural backgrounds so that dance is made more accessible. In addition, MDP works to mold and enhance the artistic abilities of aspiring, emerging, and professional dancers, while fostering understanding of integrated dance among the community.

Program Statement

Through community outreach, we speak to individuals about integrated dance and the need to make dance more inclusive. We also perform in various venues and festivals as a way to showcase integrated dance in spaces that typically don’t think beyond the mainstream dance scope. We also offer master classes through The Movement Series, which offers (2) hour dance classes for free to all individuals in various dance disciplines. Lastly, we offer apprenticeships to emerging disabled and non-disabled dancers between the ages of 15-19 years old in order to provide training and performance opportunities.   


a woman dancer using a crutch to lean forward

marked dance project | 9th Season (Disabled Dancers Needed)

Join us for our 9th season as we enter the studio for artistic exploration and development.  Disabled dancers and people of color are strongly encouraged to audition.  Please RSVP via email at markeddanceproject@gmail.com …


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