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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Market Research Internship


Silent Fire Productions is a production company that combines art, technology and education for the purposes of promoting social justice and bringing dance into the mainstream. It was started in 2004 when the Artistic Director found she could combine her passion for rock music with her passion for Ballet and be able to use that to bring new and younger audiences into the dance world. As the company grew SFP began using music videos and television production to attract the toughest audience members- teenagers. Now SFP is ready to move onto the next level and is beginning work for an online television station, set to begin airing programming in the spring of 2012.

For this, SFP is need of two market research interns. One focusing on the dance world and the second focusing on the music world. Both internships would include the following: Researching like or similar companies and projects that SFP could benefit from knowing about, learning from, and most importantly, partner with as we move forward with our projects. The intern would serve as the eyes and ears of the Artistic Director in their respective field, but also in the field of music videos, television and online video and multimedia production. The intern would be advising the director in terms of potential partners in future projects as well as potential overlap in ideas.

Responsibilities Include:
-Reading and screening all newsletters and information sent to the company.
-Selecting appropriate events and shows that relate to the projects and mission of the company.
-Attending such events and shows. Sometimes bringing back notes to the directors, sometimes attending with the director.
-Researching and collecting data on related companies and projects and reporting that data to the director.
-Contacting potential partnerns and begin building a relationship with them.
-Being aware of what is going on, up-and-coming, in their respecitve field and the field of music videos and online television production. Also generally any new media and technology they can get information on.
-Working together with the other intern(s) and Artistic Director on projects.

-No prior experience doing market research necessary.
-Must have good people skills and communication skills and work well as a team.
-Attention to detail and an awareness of what is going on around you absolutely essential.
-Good judgement and decision making skills necessary.
-Independent thinker who feels comfortable taking risks on their own and trying new things.
-Must be good at getting information that is not easily accessible.
-Knoweldge and familiarity of the dance world a requirement for the dance focused internship. Further knowledge about the Ballet world not a requirement but definitely recommended.
-Knowledge and familiarity of the music world a requirement for the music focused internship. Further knowledge of Metal, Grunge and Classic Rock not a requirement, but definitely recommended.
-Basic computer skills necessary. Must be very comfortable doing research on the internet and comfortable writing up information on Word documents if needed.
-Basic PR skills necessary. Must be comfortable and should enjoy talking to new people.

This is initially a three month long internship with a possible extension into the school year. Intern should expect to commit about 6-10 hours per week doing research and then meeting with the Artistic Director to discuss that research. Additional hours for attending shows and events may be required but may be included in the 6-10 hours. Days are flexible, including the possibility of doing some work from home.

-Free tickets to all of the latest shows, performances and events
-College credit
-This internship can turn into a paid position
-Room to grow and flexibility with both your position and your schedule
-Excellent resume experience with one of the hottest up and coming production companies.

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