Friday, September 7, 2012

Part-time Development Associate

Alexandra Beller/Dances is seeking a part-time development associate. Responsibilities include researching grant opportunities, assessing eligibility and desirability of projects for various funders, writing and submitting grants, communicating with funders and receiving feedback before and after grant submissions, collaborating on development strategies, developing the Board, and engineering fundraising events that are outside the traditional benefit/grant archetype. Currently there are approximately 30 hours of work per month, flexible hours, and paid per project (to be negotiated based on mutual needs).

We are looking for someone with experience in the field of fundraising and grant writing and knowledge of the contemporary arts funding community (relationships with funders, especially NYC funders, a plus!). Our work is provocative, political, powerful and radical and we are looking for someone who can be passionate about it and engage in the artistic questions in a personal way when dialoguing with funders.

We are looking at least a one year commitment with interest in staying with the company for a longer period and developing the job into a salaried position. Alexandra Beller/Dances is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dance theater company. We have a great deal of template material already written as well as professional level promotional materials, so the job is mainly about targeting grants appropriately, fine tuning and detailing proposals towards specific funders as well as brainstorming activities and ideas for future fundraising. Information about the work and company is available at

To apply please send cover letter, resume, references and a writing sample to

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Solo dancer captured in jump alongside details of the performances.


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Solo dancer captured in jump alongside text details of the performances.

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