Thursday, July 30, 2020

Volunteer Dance and Fitness Instructors for Mutual Aid Fundraising in Astoria


LEMI collective is partnering with Astoria Food Pantry for the month of August to raise funds for mutual aid in the community. We're looking to rally dance and fitness instructors to teach outdoor 45-60 minute classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 4-8 pm. Locations include Astoria Park, Queensbridge Park, and Rainey Park.

Our goal is to engage the community, support the important work of mutual aid programs and volunteers during this pandemic, and make the arts accessible in safe outdoor environments. 

Classes are donation based. Volunteer instructors will receive direct Venmo payments from the class participants. LEMI will encourage $5 donated to you and $5 donated to the org benefiting from that class. **I use the word "volunteer" because you may not receive full compensation of what you'd normally be paid to teach a fitness or dance class in a traditional setting; but we certainly want to show appreciation and support for your valuable time and skills, especially during this period where our industry has been devastated by the economic collapse**

If you are interesting in teaching a class, fill out this form!

Questions, comments, concerns! Email us:




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