Thursday, November 19, 2020

7MPR Themed Dance Theater 2021: The Fourth Midnight Virtual Performance (Deadline: 12/6, 2020)

7MPR Third Midnight Virtual Halloween Performance, choreographer: Hannah McClean, October 30th, 2020 7Midnights Physical Research

7Midnights Physical Research: Themed Dance Theater 

7Midnights Physical Research is dedicated to the exploration of 7 social issues: Class, Education, Ability, Sexuality, Race, Age, Gender. The Fourth Midnight Performance Series will take place on January 9th, 2021. Each Midnight performance will cover two or more than three topics of these social issues through dance. Works will express one or more themes of the seven social issues aligning with their thinking of dance and society. 


7MPR Virtual Performance 2021

7MPR Themed Dance Theater-The Fourth Midnight Performance will be on January 9th as a virtual performance. Based on the situation of COVID, we decide to cancel any application fee during the pandemic, so we hope artists can join our performances with their indoor or outdoor works, in this way, the performance will be more like a “ Muti-space performance.” Wherever artists want to showcase their works: kitchen, garden, garage, car, bed, table, floor, rooftop, bathroom or tub……, YES, there are many options and fun ideas come up with our strong artistry and wisdom during the hard time of COVID-19.  

Note: All video works should have the permission to use the muisic, so when we broadcast through Favebook live there will be no probelm of the copyright of the music. Dance film, movement montage, original song, physical poem, music work, should be made during COVID-19. Videos made last year or before 2019 will not be the perfect option for the theme of 2021 as we are all experiencing different issues caused by COVID-19 now. Please directly send your video files to us via wetransfer, google drive, or dropbox. 


Logistics of 7MPR Themed Dance Theater Program

7-8 artists’ works will be accepted. Each work will be no longer than 10mins ( around 8mins will be perfect). Suggested donation to 7MPR Midnights Performance Series, PayPal Link: PayPal.Me/7mpr  or Venmo: @Jiali-Wang-5 


How to Apply for 7MPR Themed Dance Theater Performance

Applicants will receive an Application Form after contacting us by our email: . Artists will be asked to fill out basic information about their proposed works. Video files are required for artists who are going to submit video works for their application.


7MPR Themed Dance Theater Program - Performance Dates 2020 to 2021 

The First Midnight on June 12, 2020 (COVID-19 NYC Pride & Black Lives Matter)

The Second Midnight on August 1, 2020 (COVID-19 Summer Dance & Music)

The Third Midnight on October 31, 2020 (COVID-19 Halloween Night)

7MPR New Year Performances 2021

The Fourth Midnight on Janaury 9, 2021 (New Year Starts 2021)

The Fifth Midnight (TBD)

The Sixth Midnight (TBD)

The Seventh Midnight (TBD)


About the topics of 7MPR Themed Dance Theater Performances

"Dark Lip"- Gender 

"Falling Apple"- Sexuality

"Milk Bottle"- Education 

"Moon Coin"- Class

"Cloud Balloon"- Ability

"Gray Bubble"- Race

"Tiny Wings"- Age



Online tickets (TBD)

Sugested Donation: $10-20 

PayPal Link: PayPal.Me/7mpr 

( Venmo: @Jiali-Wang-5 )


If interested, please follow us: 


Instagram: 7mpr_themeddancetheater


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