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Co- Executive Director, Dance For All Bodies- REMOTE

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DfAB Executive Director

Dance for All Bodies ( is looking for 1-2 new part time volunteer directors to run its programming! We intend for disabled individuals to lead of this organization. As a Co-Executive Director you will be responsible for overseeing all sectors of the organization (Class Coordination/Social Media/Funding/Outreach, etc) and ensuring the whole of the organization functions smoothly in collaboration with the others in this position. This position requires strong communication and organizational skills as you will be managing multiple projects with overlapping timelines, communicating and supporting a team of volunteers, and liaising with stakeholders and potential partners.

If you are self-driven, motivated, and eager to grow your leadership skills, this is the position for you. You must also believe in the power of the arts as a tool for social change and want to use dance to challenge ableist stereotypes. If you don’t have a lot of experience but are driven to and feel compelled by this mission, we still encourage you to apply.

The two current Executive Directors are transitioning out of their positions and are training the incoming Directors for ~3 months before having them fully take over the Executive Director position. They have alreay hired one person for this role, and are seeking 1-2 more individuals to share the position, each working ~10 hours a week.


We accept applications from all around the U.S. as this position is remote!

Essential Functions 1- Project Management

a) Oversee the different strategic initiatives and manage multiple projects at the same time, working in collaboration with the other Executive Directors and volunteer team. You must feel comfortable delegating tasks and establishing timelines.

2- Long Term Leadership and Partnership Building

a)  Collectively lead efforts to create yearly and monthly goals to establish organizational vision and narrative. Goal setting also supports team accountability to projects and responsibilities.

b)  Initiating, building, and sustaining partnerships with other international or national nonprofits, corporations or small scale organizations.

i) Sending emails, responding to phone calls and being the point of contact for DfAB.

3- Volunteer Staff Support

a)  Responding to or emailing team members regarding performance & expectations.

b)  Empathizing and collaborating with all DfAB sub teams (Digital Marketing, Graphic

Design, Outreach, Social Media, Funding) to understand their needs and support them

to the best of your ability.

c)  Acting as a resource for team members when they have questions or concerns.

d)  Organizing and facilitating biweekly Zoom meetings.

e)  Interviewing/hiring new volunteers and ASL Interpreters

4- Fundraising/Finance

a)  Lead and support fundraising efforts, grants, and potential funding opportunities working in collaboration with Fundraising Coordinator.

b)  Oversee budgeting for year, 5 year timelines. Developing budgets for partnership events and collaborations.

c)  File tax paperwork for organization and to donors and independent contractors

d)  Ensure that compensation is sent to instructors and paid independent contractors

5- Dance Classes

a)  Making sure all classes have a host and ASL interpreter and that we continue to improve our accessibility standards.

b)  Finding new dance instructors to welcome to the organization. Interviewing and vetting all potential instructors.

c)  Oversee the scheduling of monthly donation based dance classes.

d)  Integrating participant feedback into class structure, especially when it comes to

improving accessibility.

6- General Operations

a)  Managing online accounts (passwords/usernames and account security) and subscriptions to services. The most important of these is G Suite and Trello.

b)  Problem solve technical challenges

Key Competencies/Skills

-  We strongly encourage people with disabilities to apply.

-  Personal or professional experience working with people with disabilities is required.

Knowledge of accessible technologies and accessibility tools/services is a big plus.

-  Must demonstrate commitment to DfAB’s mission: changing the ableist narrative of

dance through accessible dance classes.

-  Verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills (phone, email, text, etc.)

-  Ability to find or initiate creative projects, partnerships, and search for potential corporate


-  Superior time management skills, ability to multi-task projects and multiple calendars.

-  Futurist; ability to create projects and come up with creative plans for the future. Keen to

chart a course forward for the organization.

-  Curiosity to learn and improve; someone who wants to keep learning more and is not

afraid of failure. Someone who is willing to take risks.

-  Disciplined in working independently and remotely; not afraid to ask questions or admit

when you don’t know something coupled with an ability to research potential answers or

solutions to problems.

-  Comfortable with receiving feedback form participants and being a very visual face of the


-  Self-motivated and shows stamina and resilience in the face of obstacles.

-  Collaborative mindset; eager to be part of a team and contribute.

-  Experience with G Suite services, Trello, and Zoom is preferred.

Work Environment

All work will be done remotely. You will be facilitating and leading meetings once every two weeks.


This position is currently an uncompensated volunteer position. However, current management is rebudgeting and actively seeking grant funding to provide a stipend for each of the Co-Executive directors moving forward. Additionally, there will occasionally be opportunities for you to get small stipends based on funding & corporate partnership opportunities. 

Expected Hours of Work

This position requires a great amount of commitment and organization. You are encouraged to apply as a team as we are looking for 1-2 more individuals who can each give ~10 hours/week.

Preferred Education and Experience

At DfAB we understand experience comes in many different forms. We prioritize those who demonstrate a strong commitment to our mission and are therefore willing to commit a great amount of time, thought, and effort into this cause. If you have previous experience in this field, we look forward to learning more about your experiences through previous work, a portfolio, or other examples. If not, don’t worry, we are open to working and learning together.

Accessibility Commitment

As mentioned already, we are only accepting applications from disabled individuals. If there is a part of this application process that is not accessible to you, please communicate with us at info@danceforallbodies.orga?? so that we can find a solution. If you are selected to interview, we will inquire about any access needs you may have.

To Apply

Send your resume and one short paragraph to a??info@danceforallbodies.orga?? with “DfAB Executive Director Application” in the subject heading.

Please answer the following questions in the short paragraph:

-  Why does making dance accessible to people with physical disabilities matter to you?

-  What do you think you can bring to the DfAB Community?

-  Share one project idea that you would like to initiate between DfAB and another potential

organization, that can allow DfAB to either fundraise or raise brand awareness.

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