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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Gaynor Minden Bookkeeper


Gaynor Minden is seeking a full-time Bookkeeper to join our global team. Gaynor Minden’s Bookkeeper manages the organization of the company’s financial transactions, which allows this individual to work closely with leadership on the financial management of this US-based company and its international subsidiaries.
On a daily basis, the Bookkeeper is responsible for sending customer invoices, collecting receivables, and arranging payments with Gaynor Minden’s vendors and suppliers. The Bookkeeper is involved in monitoring customer payment terms and should keep detailed records in customer files regarding payment discussions.
The Bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining Gaynor Minden’s multiple accounting systems with great attention to detail. The Bookkeeper reconciles all accounts on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. This individual creates systems for collecting all employee expense reports or receipts, and ensures that the company’s books are as up-to-date as possible. The Bookkeeper communicates with external accountants as needed to coordinate proper documentation and timely closing of each year. In addition to maintaining the electronic accounting systems, the Bookkeeper maintains an orderly filing system for all hard copy bills, receipts, and other financial documentation.
This role also involves monitoring all company credit cards and bank accounts and managing relationships with banks in several countries and currencies.

This position calls for a detail-oriented, self-motivated, and positive individual who is interested in growing within Gaynor Minden's administrative department. This individual should be an excellent and friendly communicator with an interest in developing relationships with dance stores and companies around the world.

A successful candidate will possess the following skills:

     - Experience with data entry, record keeping, and computer operation.

     - Proficiency in bookkeeping software. Knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus.

     - Degree in Accounting or a related field preferred, but not required.

     - Passion for ballet is a plus.

This position has historically been located in our New York City headquarters, but remote and hybrid options can be discussed.


To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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