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Friday, June 17, 2022

Kyle Marshall Choreography - Workshop/Audition

2 Black performers in multicolored sweats lean towards their left surrounded by darkness photo Tony Turner // performers Kyle Marshall and Bree Breeden

Kyle Marshall Choreography will be holding a workshop/audition Wednesday, July 20th and Thursday, July 21st 2-5p at 280 Gibney Dance Center. This workshop is free and open to all folks interested in KMC. However, we are seeking a femme/female identified performer of color for an immediate position in KMC’s upcoming project, Onyx.

Onyx is a dance for 5 that digs into the origins of "Rock and Roll" revealing the Black and Brown people whose sounds, performances and personalities created this revolutionary genre. Onyx utilizes improvisational scores, back up dancing, flowing phrase material and contact partnering to express the queer, sensual and raw nature of Rock. The soundtrack, sculpted by sound designer Dial Winfield, samples music and text from artists including; Little Richard, Betty Davis, DEATH, James Brown, LaVern Baker, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Big Mama Thorton, and Sister Rosetta Tharp. Onyx honors the legacy of these groundbreaking artists while unearthing our rage, performative power and an alternative embodiment of the Black American experience. 

This workshop is open to all folks interested in KMC’s process. However, priority will be given to femme/female performers of color for an immediate addition into the Onyx cast. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please email us at with your headshot, resume, and a brief statement of interest in the body of the email. Please write “KMC July 2022 Audition” in the subject line and specify if you can attend either one or both of the days. 


Workshop Schedule 

Wednesday, July 20th: 2-4:30p - movement session I, 4:30-5p group discussion of project, Q & A with the company

Thursday, July 21st 2-4:30p- movement session II, 4:30-5p group discussion of project, Q & A with the company


Onyx rehearsal schedule

Friday, July 22nd - 1-6p

Monday, July 25th - 1-6p 

Tuesday, July 26th - 1-6p 


August 9th-12th - 1-5p

August 15th-21st- Residency at ADF (Durham, NC)

August 25th + 26th - 1-5p 


September 6th-9th - 11-4p

September 12th-17th - Onyx (preview) in NYC 

September 22nd + 23rd - 1-5p

September 26th-October 1st- Onyx (world premiere) tour to Virginia 


Notes on Schedule and Additional Information

-priority will be given to folks with the most availability in July- September 2022

-Additional performances of Onyx are being negotiated for January/February 2023, Summer 2023 and Fall 2023

-comfort in improvisation, momentum based movement, rhythm and partnering is a plus 

-interest and experience in educational/community engagement is a plus


About Kyle Marshall Choreography

Founded in 2014, Kyle Marshall Choreography (KMC) is a dance company that sees the body as a container of history, an igniter of social reform and a site of celebration. Through rigorous studio practice, local and national performances and educational engagement, KMC believes dance is a way to deepen our knowledge of who we are as individuals, how we develop relationships and ultimately societies. 

KMC is made of predominantly Queer and BIPOC performers, sound and visual designers, and administrators. Our body of work is rooted in the histories and ideologies that stem from Black and Brown experiences while encouraging a progressive, high art aesthetic. KMC has performed at venues including: Chelsea Factory, BAM Next Wave Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out, FringeArts (Philadelphia), New World Symphony (Miami), and Actors Fund Arts Center. Live dance and film commissions have included: Baryshnikov Arts Center, "Dance on the Lawn" Montclair Dance Festival, and Harlem Stage. Residencies have included: Bethany Arts Community, MANA Contemporary, and the 92nd st Y. The company regularly engages in educational workshops in high school and colleges throughout the region including; Bloomfield College, Trenton Central High School, ADF and County Prep High School. 

Director, Kyle Marshall has received a 2018 NY Dance and Performance “Bessie” Jury Award and a 2020 Dance Magazine Harkness Promise Award. Kyle has also received a Charoline A Hearst Fellowship from Princeton University, and a fellowship from the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU. Kyle has taught and set choreography at Rutgers University, Sarah Lawerence College and Princeton University. Kyle Marshall is a graduate of Rutgers University and a resident of Jersey City.

For more information check out our website:


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Two dancers grapple together in an embrace

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