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DanceAction is looking for dancers for Fall Performance Project

Carmen Caceres & Lydia Perakis Brandon Perdomo

DA is looking for Dancers/Performers for Fall Residency & Performances in NYC

We are DanceAction, a contemporary dance company based in New York, creating performing artworks in collaboration. We are producing and presenting our full-length immersive dance theater piece, Welcome to Imagi*Nation, at a Fall Performance Residency at the Center at West Park in NYC from September 5th to November 2nd, 2022. We will be working In-Person on-site at the Center at West Park and other rehearsal venues, following the tentative schedule below. The work will be performed live at the Center’s Sanctuary Space over three consecutive evenings on October 27th, 28th, & 29th. 

We are looking for Dancers/Performers/Movers residing in the US to join this project. Applicants should have experience with contemporary dance, movement improvisation, and physical theater and be able to work at a quick pace. Latin American Immigrants, Artists of color, & LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply!

Interested applicants should attend DanceAction’s Summer 2022 Audition Workshop from Monday, August 29th to Friday, September 2nd, from 5 to 8 pm. Participation in the entire workshop is not required but is highly encouraged to be considered for the project in the fall. The workshop has a suggested donation fee of $20 per day and $80 for the entire workshop (5 days). Participants are welcome to donate if they like. Upon email registration, candidates will receive an Eventbrite link for all who wish to contribute. Please note that this won't affect the selection process. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please REGISTER via email at [email protected], submitting your resume, Headshot (or a picture of yourself), samples of your performance work (videos/website/links), and a few words describing yourself and why you would like to be part of this project. 

If you have conflicts with the schedule but would like to participate, send a message, and we will discuss if it's possible to make accommodations. 

This experience is made possible by the Center at West Park Artist in Residence Program. Selected workshop participants will be able to perform solo work at an informal showing at the Center’s 3rd Floor studio on Friday, September 2nd, and at the “Lo De Carmen” rooftop performance series on Friday, September 9th, 2022.

Welcome to Imagi*Nation is a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” multimedia dance theater immersive experience inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s book The Open Veins of Latin America. This piece begins with the conflict between two fictional nations over natural resources and labor shortages. While performers are searching for conflict resolution, the audience will experience the motivations and consequences of migration. This piece reflects the relationship between the US and Latin America within the frame of industry, economy, and migration. 

Artists will receive hourly rehearsal compensation and a performance stipend for participating in this project. 

In-person Rehearsals will start on Monday, September 5th, and will follow the schedule below:

- 9/5 to 9/24: 1 to 2 weekly rehearsals on weeknights (3 hrs between 5 & 9 pm). Dates and Times TBD. 

- 9/26 to 10/16 - Cast Rehearsals: 1 to 2 weekly rehearsals on weeknights (2 to 4 hrs between 5 & 9 pm) or weekends. Dates and Times TBD.

- 10/17 to 10/22 - Residency Week 1: Daily rehearsals Mon to Friday, from 5 to 9 pm. Sat 10/22 anytime between 10 am & 7 pm.

- 10/24 to 10/29 - Residency Week 2 “Production Week”: 10/24 & 10/25 Tech Rehearsal from 5 to 10 pm, 10/26 Dress Rehearsal from 5 to 10 pm. 10/27, 10/28, & 10/29 Performances, call time 5 pm. 

- 11/1 & 11/2 - Video Shooting: from 5 to 10 pm at Center at West Park

For more information, contact Carmen Caceres at [email protected]

Learn more about DanceAction at

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